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8 Tips to Infuse Your Home With the Beach

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

There is nothing quite as synonymous with summer as the beach. Researchers have found spending time on the beach is good for our wellbeing. If you are like many folks beach plans have been put on hold due to the pandemic. There are some cool ways to add tropical elements if you are skipping the beach this year. Here are 8 Tips to infuse your home with a little bit of beach.

Tropical Plants

Green plants such as palms and ferns can really bring the feel of a tropical environment into the home. Adding plants such as Neon Hibiscus blooms can also bring in a very light pop of color. My favorite small wonder is succulents. Succulents have many benefits like purifying the air by adding fresh oxygen and improving humidity on those blistering summer days. They also make great decor for and countertops and shelves.

Airy Breakfast Nook

An intimate breakfast nook can invite you to slow down and enjoy the most important meal of the day. Choose a sunlit corner of the kitchen or be adventurous and take it outside on a covered porch or outdoor patio. Keep the furnishing minimal and table coverings light. Incorporate organic textures such as jute rug, seagrass woven baskets, and rattan dishware.

Breezy Bedrooms

On the beach, it is all about flow. The ocean waves flowing to the shore and away. The cool breeze flowing in at the right time when it is getting to be just a little bit too hot. To keep with the flow of the beach keep your bedroom breezy. Tuck away the winter comforter and formal duvet. Keep sheets casual with neutral tone colors. Open the windows and let the fresh air and summer breeze in. For cooler summer nights keep a throw blanket draped over the bed.

Nautical Elements Bathroom

The bathroom is another area where beach elements can be added. I suggest adding some nautical elements such as seashells, starfish, and sea horses. Try to add blues that can be a reminder of the crystal waters and clear sky. The color blue has been found to be associated with feelings of calm and peace.

Beach Scented Candles

The smell of the ocean breeze also contributes to the soothing state being at the beach brings. Having beach-inspired scented candles can help bring you closer to a beachy state of mind. Place these candles throughout your home give each room their own tropical scent. Candles can also bring a meditative element into your home.

Himalayan Salt Rock

Did you know that the soothing state that the ocean brings has something to do with the negative ions in the air that you are breathing? The oxygen atoms have an extra electron and occur in places such as waterfalls and after electrical storms. Some believe we can mimic this negative ion phenomenon by bringing into our home a Himalayan Salt Rock lamp. The lamps are said to release negative ions and clean oxygen into the air. These lamps can boost your mood and help you sleep. There are numerous benefits to having one in your home.

Adult Sandbox w/ Hammock

Laying in a hammock on the beach can be the most relaxing time of any beach vacation. The physical sensation of putting your feet in warm sand can enhance your mood. So create a space in your backyard where you can section off an area, whether with stones or decorative brick and make a sandbox. Pick an area between two trees to hang a hammock. There are also great hammocks that come with a base if you do not have trees in your back yard that will work. String yard lights add some tropical plants to enhance the relaxing experience. Create a little backyard oasis of your own.

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Simulated Sound

The consistency of the ocean sounds is the most relaxing. The constant ebbing and flowing of ocean waves crashing to the shore destimulate the brain. The sounds coupled with the visual elements enable the part of the nervous system that is responsible for slowing us down. There are many apps out there that you can download that are geared towards helping you relax. Add the sounds of the ocean to your playlist while you read a book while on your hammock, or while eating breakfast bring the sounds of the ocean in to infuse a little bit of beach in your home every day. Play the video below and take 20 seconds to just relax!

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